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Below find some common question customers have and our answers to them.

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Yes we do. We offer a 100% free, no pressure, no obligation, professional and courteous consultative estimate. Upon scheduling an appointment, or permitting roof top access, we will inspect your roof, provide a written estimate including a cover letter introducing you to Crown Roofing, a specific job description with several roofing material options, various enhanced roofing component options, Title 24 compliance options, gutter options (if desired), supporting literature, and current certificates of insurance. Roofing samples are happily provided and a current list of our installations can be found on our website or emailed upon request. Our goal on each project is to provide exceptional value, to exceed our customers’ expectations from start to finish, and we would be happy to schedule and in-person interview to go over all the details involved in the re-roofing process. Please call us at today at 916 773 1184, or use the contact form on the contact page to schedule your free estimate.
We at Crown Roofing do not believe in “guesstimating” and will provide a firm written estimate that leaves nothing to chance. As each home is totally unique with its own special needs we will be looking at home size, whether one or two stories, single or multiple car garages – if attached or detached, steepness of roof pitch, terrain accessibility of your home, as well as existing roof conditions such as dry rot, or whether or not the house requires plywood. These are some factors that will be considered when estimating the cost of a new roof
Crown Roofing is a family owned and operated business, 3 generations strong, which was originally established in 1973. Because we are a smaller company, our business model and operating costs are very lean and kept to a minimum. Lower operating costs translates into savings for you, the homeowner, as well as a tighter rein on our quality control ensuring a quick, efficient, and professional installation.
Yes we do. We offer an unlimited transferable five (5) year guarantee with our re-roofing services. Additionally, we provide material manufacturer warranties with each installation, some of which are enhanced when applicable, based on our qualifications and certifications per the manufacturer’s requirements.
Yes, we are licensed by the State of California and the Contractors State License Board (CSLB), we carry a $15,000.00 contractors completion bond, and a current worker’s compensation insurance policy as required by law. Additionally we carry a $2,000,000.00 aggregate commercial general liability insurance policy. Copies of these documents are included with every written estimate and can also be found on the CSLB website. Crown Roofing is also legally registered as a California Corporation.
Generally we typically will finish a typical 2000 sq ft home within three working days. Bear in mind that most customers tend put off a roofing job until the end of the summer or after the first rain. You may find that if you wait until this time to get your roof work done, days will be added to both when we may be able to start and finish your project. Try to plan ahead for your roofing needs. We are very good at keeping on track with our appointment with you.
Absolutely yes! Crown Roofing boasts a highly skilled and trained work force that strives to exceed industry standards on each individual project. We are proud of our low rate of employee turnover, believing that paying reasonable “hourly wages”, (as opposed to piece work wages), allows the employees to apply their trade in a fashion that is beneficial to the homeowner. You will find our crews to be very personable and sensitive to your individual needs, working in a quick and efficient manner leading to a 3-5 day turnover for residential roof renovations.
Yes we do. We utilize independent contractors for our roof removals, seamless steel gutter installations, material delivery, roof loading, and a service for blown in attic insulation if desired. Additionally for light weight or standard weight tile installations an independent civil engineering report is required for structural verifications and or re enforcement requirements. All subcontractors and vendors are held to Crown Roofing’s high standards for quality and professionalism. We keep on file a copy of all subcontractors current contractors licenses and all necessary certificates of insurance and would be happy to provide copies upon request.
A typical 1800 square foot home with a two car garage is generally completed within three (3) working days with proper scheduling and coordination for most materials. Crown Roofing is very proud of it’s quickness and efficiency which has been streamlined over 35 years of experience in the roofing industry.
Crown Roofing has produced a series of slide shows documenting our roofing services in step by step photographic sequences. Please take the time to view the slide shows on our services page where we cover our re-roofing process in great detail. We have done our best to provide an informative, enlightening and entertaining experience of our services and sincerely hope you will choose Crown Roofing for all your re-roofing needs.

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